Baby teeth are vitally important to ensure good permanent teeth

Maintaining Baby Teeth - FlossingA common question that parents ask is why spend a lot of money to maintain baby teeth when they are only going to fall out and be replaced with the child,s permanent teeth?

Baby teeth are vitally important to ensure good permanent teeth

1. They serve as space maintainers for the allow for the proper spacing and alignment of the permanent teeth.
2.They help your kids to develop proper speech.
3 They aid your kids in helping to process their food and get proper nutrition.
4. Healthy looking baby teeth help to build a strong self image and build your child’s self confidence ( look good feel good)
5. Ugly or decayed teeth can be a source of embarrassment or teasing by other kids at school.
To prevent long term disorders which include speech impediments, possible psychological damage, crooked or crowded teeth, and poor oral health.

- Clean your child’s teeth daily
- Use water after a bottle of juice, milk, or formula  and use it to pacify between meals rather than milk or juice
- Visit your kid’s pediatric dentist regularly beginning when you see their very first baby tooth
-wean from the bottle ASAP by at least 1 year of age

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